Working Poor Families Project

Brandon Roberts + Associates manages the Working Poor Families Project (WPFP) on behalf of four major national foundations:  Annie E. Casey, C.S. Mott, Ford and Joyce.  The firm designed and initiated the effort in 2002, working with non-profits organizations in 5 states. Since that time, the Project has grown to include 22 states and the District of Columbia.  
The firm's job is to support state non-profits to strengthen state polices on behalf of low-income working families. WPFP specifically focuses on state policies related to postsecondary education, adult literacy and basic education, skills development, economic development as well as income and work supports.  Since its start, WPFP state partners have generated or saved over $2.5 billion in state investments on behalf of low-income working families.
The firm manages all aspects of the WPFP, including the following: 
  • Securing the participation and providing financial support to state partners on an annual basis;
  • Helping develop state partner policy agendas and providing technical assistance on implementation;
  • Generating data on the conditions of low-income working families nationally and within each state as well as identifying the strength of relevant state policies on a comparative basis nationally;
  • Conducting national cross-state meetings of WPFP state partners;
  • Developing and holding policy academies for state partners to deepen their knowledge on key policy issues;
  • Producing quarterly policy briefs on policy issues of concern to states; and
  • Preparing and distributing national reports on the conditions of low-income working families.
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