Shifting Gears

Brandon Roberts + Associates
is responsible for conducting the evaluation
of Shifting Gears (SG), a multi-state initiative of the Joyce Foundation to increase
the education and skill levels of low-skilled adults by strengthening the
postsecondary and skills-development systems of six Midwest states. 
Launched in 2007, the initiative provides support to state postsecondary
and workforce agencies in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota,
Ohio and Wisconsin.
The firm started its work on Shifting Gears in 2007 and is responsible
for designing and implementing the ongoing evaluation.  To this end, the firm has engaged in the following activities: 
  • Designed the formative evaluation strategy and approach analyzing and documenting state progress 
  • Developed the Theory of Change and Logic Model for the overall SG initiative.
  • Assisted each state group in developing their own Theory of Change and Logic Model
  • Conducted bi-annual site reviews of each SG state to analyze and document progress
  • Produced annual evaluation reports for Joyce senior staff and Board
  • Produced special report on the Shifting Gears approach to systems change
  • Produced special report on SG state efforts to use data to foster improvement in policy and practice
  • Participated a member of the SG management team to guide the direction of the SG initiative 
Examples of specific products generated by this work include:
For more information on Shifting Gears see: