Abell Foundation National League of Cities
Annie E. Casey Foundation Neighborhood Funders Group
Appalachian Regional Commission New York Department of Economic Development
Aspen Institute Ohio Department of Development
Baltimore Development Corporation Open Society Institute
C.S. Mott Foundation Oregon Economic Development Department
Choice Jobs Programs, Inc. Oregon Employment Department
City of Columbus, Ohio Oregon School-to-Work Office
Community Foundation of the National Capital Region Oregon Workforce Quality Council
Council of State Community Development Agencies Orlando Chamber of Commerce
Delaware Workforce Development Council Pennsylvania Department of Commerce
Empower Baltimore Development Corporation Pew Center of Global Climate Change
Florida WAGES (Welfare-to-Work) Board Public/Private Ventures
Ford Foundation Rockefeller Foundation
Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition S'IMPLANTER (Paris, France)
Iowa Department of Economic Development The Urban Institute
Irvine Foundation United States Department of Labor
Jobs for the Future United States Economic Development Administration
Joyce Foundation United States Information Service
KnowledgeWorks Foundation United States School-to-Work Office
Massachusetts School-to-Work Office United States Small Business Administration
Michigan Jobs Commission Vice President Gore's Reinventing Government Task Force
Mt. Auburn Associates Victor Hausner & Associates (London, England)
National Academy of Public Administration Wallace Technology Transfer Foundation (Iowa)
National Conference of State Legislatures Washington Employment Security Department
National Governors' Association Working Group on the Future of Work in Minnesota