Innovation, flexibility and responsiveness are key characteristics of the firm.  Expert teams of consultants and current practitioners are assembled on a one time or ongoing basis to tailor actions to a client's specified tasks. 


Firm associates do and have included experts in postsecondary education; workforce, economic and sector development; state policy analysis and advocacy; national and state data, metrics, and systems; and regional economic analysis. In addition, the firm has partnered with a number of national organizations to carry-out its work. This includes ongoing relationships with the Population Reference Bureau and The Hatcher Group.


The following provides a brief representation of associates that the firm has been pleased to engage and partner with over the past twenty years.


Dr. Carol Clymer: Expert assistance with labor market indicators and benchmarks, sector development, community colleges, job development, employment retention and advancement as well as program development, training and workshops. For more on Dr. Clymer, see:


David Gruber: Expert assistance with community college, career pathways, and sector training initiatives as well as program evaluation and policy analysis.  For more on Mr. Gruber, see:  


Dr. Christopher Mazzeo:  Expert assistance on transitions to postsecondary education, data systems and data driven program improvement, accountability policies and policy analysis.  For more on Dr. Mazzeo,



Jeff Padden: Expert assistance with workforce development, small business strategies, regional economic development and welfare-to-work initiatives as well as program evaluation and policy analysis. For more on Mr. Padden, see:


Deborah Povich: Expert assistance on workforce and community development, workplace conditions and family support policies as well as state policy development and analysis, advocacy, organizational development, strategic planning,  communications.  For more on Ms. Povich, contact:


Dr. Derek Price:  Expert assistance with postsecondary education and particularly community colleges, need-based financial aid, data indicators and systems, as well as strategic planning and program and policy analysis.  For more on Dr. Price, see:


Dr. Andrew Reamer:  Expert assistance with regional demographic, economic, and labor market indicators and benchmarks and regional economic development and sector analysis, strategy, policy, and program evaluation. For more on Dr. Reamer, see: