Brandon Roberts + Associates, LLC is a public policy consulting firm focused on issues of postsecondary education, workforce and economic development. The firm has twenty-five plus years of experience providing evaluation, planning, program development, research as well as strategic analysis and technical assistance services to a diverse group of clients including:  
  • Private foundations such as the Abell, Annie E. Casey, C.S. Mott, Ford, Gates, Joyce, Kresge, Lumina,   Rockefeller and W.K. Kellogg foundations as well as the Community Foundation of the National Capital Region, the Open Society Institute, and the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. 
  • Governmental agencies such as the Appalachian Regional Commission, Florida WAGES Board, Iowa Department of Economic Development, Massachusetts School-to-Work Office, Ohio Department of Development, Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development, Rhode Island Department of Labor, Washington Employment Security Department, and Wisconsin Technical Colleges.
  • National organizations such as Education Northwest, Equal Measure, Jobs for the Future, National Academy of Public Administration, National Conference of State Legislatures, National Governors' Association, National League of Cities, Public/Private Ventures, The Urban Institute and Workforce Strategy Center. 
The firm organizes its work around the overall concept that sound data
and objective analyses are the essential foundations for effective findings, recommendations and actions. This includes designing and developing program initiatives, which may involve utilizing Theory of Change and Logic Model processes to organize, guide and monitor strategic plans and actions. It also includes designing and executing research projects as well as program and policy evaluations, deploying both qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques.  In addition, the firm provides advice, technical assistance and workshops on performance metrics and benchmarks.    
Recently the firm has engaged in four major, mutli-year initiatives:    

  • Evaluation of a Lumina Foundation All Learning Counts project in collaboration with the Rutgers Education and Employment Research Center. The project supports nine education providers to develop and implement innovative strategies to recognize and validate non-institutional learning that leads to non-elective credits that can be applied to postsecondary educational programs, credentials and degrees; the project runs from late 2019-2021. The project focuses on serving adult learners and equity populations and includes postsecondary institutions and systems as well as non-profit organizations. The evaluation will document the implementation progress of innovative project strategies and specific student outcomes tied to the services provided by these efforts, with the goal of reporting on the effective practices and learnings.
  • Evaluation of the Wisconsin Round 2 TAACCCT grant to develop manufacturing adult career pathways in 15 of 16 colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College System and the Wisconsin Round 4 TAACCCT grant to strengthen healthcare programs to better serve adult learners. Each evaluation is a four year effort focused on providing formative feedback as well as assessing program implementation and measuring participant outcomes via propensity score modeling.  In addition, an evaluation of a special $5 million TAACCCT Round 4 grant for Advancing Career Pathway Development in Wisconsin's 16 technical colleges. This evaluation and final report, Advancing Career Pathway Development in Wisconsin Technical Colleges, focuses on the  collective actions and progress the sixteen technical colleges achieved and the factors contributing to and challenges those efforts. The evaluations were conducted with Equal Measure and DVP-Praxis, LTD.
  • Implement and manage the Working Poor Families Project, an eighteen year national initiative that supports non-profit organizations in 23 states to strengthen state policies on behalf of low-income working families. The Project focuses on state policies dealing with postsecondary and adult basic education, skills development training, economic development, and income and work supports.
  • Participation in the design and evaluation of the Annie E. Casey and Lumina foundations’ multi-state, multi-college national initiative: the Working Students Success Network in Community Colleges. The project supported 19 community colleges in the states of Arkansas, California, Virginia and Washington to integrate a full range of educational, financial, and career services and supports to better assist students to complete their college-level study and achieve economic self-sufficiency.
  • Execute a formative evaluation of the Joyce Foundation's Shifting Gears initiative, a multi-state (IN, IL, MI, MN, OH, WI) multi-year effort that seeks to strengthen state postsecondary, adult basic education and skills development systems so that more low-skilled adult workers gain the education, skills and credentials needed to advance and succeed in the ever changing global economy.         
  • Conducted a managment evaluation for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of their new national initiative to improve transitions from adult basic education to community college credit-based credentials.  The Accelerating Opportunity initiative involves other national foundations (Joyce, Kellogg, Kresge and Open Society Foundaton), a national intermediary with technical assistance partners, eleven states, and multiple community colleges and adult education programs.  

To carry out its work, the firm secures the best associate expertise and talent in the country so that it can tailor its assistance to address the specific needs of clients and projects.  To learn more contact:

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